Circle of Aradia

Welcome To Circle of Aradia

Circle of Aradia is a religious organization celebrating women's mysteries and magic in the tradition of Dianic Wicca. COA is a Southern California affiliate grove of the Temple of Diana. Circle of Aradia offers public Dianic Wiccan rituals and classes.

The Dianic denomination of the Wiccan Religion is a Goddess and woman-centered, earth-based and feminist tradition inspired by Zsuzsanna Budapest in the early 1970's and developed by Ruth Barrett. The tradition continues to evolve through the work of Ruth Barrett and Falcon River at the Temple of Diana.

It is the goal of Circle of Aradia to serve the religious and spiritual needs of Dianic women in Southern California. The organization is dedicated to providing women with the opportunity and space to express woman-identified spirituality.

We are committed to developing religious leadership skills and to help heal and empower women through religious services and educational programs.

We welcome all woman-born women.

Please feel free to explore our website. We offer information about us, our educational and other resources, and a calendar of events. If you would like to contact Circle of Aradia, that information is located here.